“Can We All Get Along”

Leonard Pitts, Jr., in his Miami Herald Sunday op-ed, commented on Sen. Udall’s suggestion that, for the State of The Union address, our elected officials dispense with seating by party line and instead, use mix seating.  I had read this suggestion earlier but Leonard brings out some good points about how the poison of rhetoric comes from both sides of the aisle, (at least on the surface I read it that way).

I am in full agreement with Sen. Udall  in this matter.  Though it would be seen as symbolic, I would like to think that doing so would make a few elected officials realize that it’s time to stop the bickering, finger pointing, and blaming of others.  Recognizing the need to stop would possibly bring that small modicum of civility back to polical discussions.

Now, do not think me simplistic for thinking like this because I am not.  But I do believe in the ability of the human nature to change those things that are not good.  That doesn’t mean that I am going to change my political thinking or that I expect others to change.  What I do expect is for our elected officials to remember that, as Leonard Pitts states, they were elected to lead us, not get re-elected. I also expect everyone to remember that discourse does not have to be poisonous to be effective.

It will be interesting to see if even a few Senators and Representatives choose to mix seat, and what the reaction of the press will be. If it does happen, look for the press to make something more out it than what it really is; an attempt to bring civility back to our government.

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A Better Response to The Tucson Tragedy

For me to say much more than Quin Hillyer does in the American Spectator article linked below would take away from the article.  If you haven’t read it already, do so.  We all are Americans.  Let’s start acting like Americans.  And if the other side doesn’t want to, don’t stoop to their level.  We conservatives are better than that.


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Tucson Tragedy

Why is it that when something terrible happens, it is always the conservatives fault?  Political rhetoric is a part of our culture but finger pointing is never a good thing.  People seem to forget that when you point your finger in blame, there are three pointing back at you.

Charles Krauthammer points out some very good circumstances where the left is just as bad with rhetoric, so let’s just stop the finger pointing and realize that sometimes bad things happen because there are bad people amongst us.  Read the article and consider.


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The Health Care Bill and its Actual Costs

By now, with all that’s been said about the Health Care bill that was forced upon us, everyone knows that surveys show it’s not appreciated, liked or wanted by most of America. 

Now, we are seeing more articles about the actual cost to us this “wonderful” bill has produced.  Don’t get me wrong, I held no ideas that this bill wouldn’t cost us more.  That’s a given when you understand that nothing in this life is free.  But what galls me is when our politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths.  During the debate and then the passage of this bill, the Democrats kept telling us that this is going to lower costs in the long run and that more people will be covered, especially those with no insurance.  Then, as one link below shows, the President himself says just the opposite.  This is just another example of how this administration thinks so highly of itself and so lowly of the electorate that they continually feed us this nonsense.

Well, attached here are a number of links that show some different aspects of the additional costs to us this piece of legislation will produce.  Read carefully the article from an actuary with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services.  This is scary when our leaders tell us one thing then a department within the government, tells us just the opposite. 

 One article by Janet Adamy of the Wall Street Journal, talks about how insurers are going to raise rates based on an assumption, in many cases, of eventual cost increases from the bill.  It is a good article because it shows to some degree both sides.  Yes, insurance companies have always found ways to raise rates and this bill is not going to stop it.  Again though, it’s the promises made that were never meant to be kept, and could never be kept anyway.  Why can’t our politicians speak truth, or not speak at all. 

I know, that’s a pipe dream but why must they always think we are so stupid to not see through the sham?  And you wonder why the public is so mad?  Duh!!!




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Are The ‘Rich’ Really Not Paying Their Fair Share of Taxes?

Lately, and quite frequently we have been told by Obama and those who think they know better, that the rich need to start paying their fair share of taxes.  This has been one of the main themes in the political discussion of how to treat the impending expiration of Bush tax cuts.  Well, I think our progressive thinkers in Washington have been reading out of the wrong playbook and better get their act together.  According to the article, in the link here, the top 10% of income earners paid over 70% of the federal income tax that was collected in 2007.  The bottom 50% of income earners only 2% + of the federal income tax.  So, explain to me how our present government can make claims that the ‘rich’ don’t pay enough?


When will our leaders understand that when you raise taxes on the upper income earners, you kill investments in new business by these same people.  It is the upper income earners that help support the small businesses that employ most of the people.  In this article, it is very important that you read at least the segment called “President Obama’s Falacy”.

The Democrats like to blame the Republicans of fear mongering and racism.  What Obama and his cronies are doing is nothing less than creating fear and a racism of sorts…class racism.  And to add to the problem, there are plenty of people that either don’t want to, or don’t have the capacity to think for themselves and do the research to find out the truth.  They would rather be told what to think and just mouth what others say.  It’s a said statement about the electorate.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a conservative.  Not Republican, but a conservative, and seeing what this administration is doing to us is so disappointing to me.  We all have to stop believing what they are telling us for face value and call them out on their misrepresentations and disinformation, and we have to do it now.

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Bush Era Tax Cuts Put Us on this Financial Road – Really?

There has been much finger pointing at President Bush about his tax cuts putting us on this financial road we are presently on.  Such an easy thing to do…pointing fingers at someone or one particular party.

I think, and this is just me, that the road we are going down now was started before Bush and before Reagan.  With the exception of a few years, 1960 ($.3B surplus) and 1969 ($3.2B surplus), our government has operated on a spend now, pay later model, operating in a deficit mode. (Clinton did not create a surplus, he just borrowed from other programs, thereby still creating a deficit spending model).  Now, the tax cuts during Bush undoubtedly assisted in deepening our deficit, but to put the blame directly on Bush, I think, is a little simplistic.  I would venture a guess that the beginnings of this road we are now on, economically, began in the 1930’s.  I’ll let all of you figure that one out.

In regards to the end of the tax cuts, as has been stated, those above $250,000.00 income are going to see the affect.  Not those below.  I have some questions though:

  1. How is a 3%-4% bump in taxes (what is projected for 2011) for those above $250,000.00, going to affect small business’s (S Corp).  Are they going to reinvest profits to avoid the taxes?  If so, no taxes would be paid on that part of the profit, but neither would the small business be able to ‘bank’ that money for future risk taking.  There are many small businesses that operate above the $250K threshold that would be hurt by the end of the tax breaks.
  2. Are our politicians on both sides of the aisle going to pay this tax increase also?  I’m pretty sure we can all say that isn’t going to happen to any great degree.  Both party’s politicians do everything they can to pay as little tax as possible.  Just look at Sen. Kerry avoiding MA taxes by registering his yacht in RI. (Well, trying to anyway…he got caught.)
  3. How does our present administration justify putting this country into an almost $1T dollar, 10 year deficit (min number of years), and yet say they need to raise the tax rates on the ‘rich’?  And it is said that Bush put us on this path?  What path do people think we are on now?  Sorry folks, that dog don’t hunt.

There will always be different takes on what is happening with the economy, from both sides of the aisle, and from every spectrum of the electorate, but putting the blame on one person, one party, just doesn’t fly.  One may have contributed more than the other at any one given time, but every politician is to blame.

I’ve attached a link below this paragraph to an article from a writer in the UK that states his point of view of what needs to be happen with our economy.  Yes, for those more liberal, you will bristle because it comes from the American Thinker.  But if you read this article without bias, and consider what Steve McCann is saying, he’s got some very good points.  Pay particular attention to his comments about taxes.


Also, I ran across a discussion, on bargaineering.com written by Jim Wang, about the end of the Bush era tax cuts that was very interesting to read.  And, it’s not just one sided.  Take the time to read it and come to your own decision.  It brings out points that I don’t think too many people consider, when talking about tax cuts.  Here is the link.


Ok, I’ve said my piece.  Bring it on!!!

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And the Spin Goes On!


It’s almost comical that our politicians keep spinning things to make themselves look good.  This link shows that our elected officials have a habit of saying things that don’t have any real base.  It’s statements like this, from our highest elected officials, that makes a person wonder “just how stupid do they think we are”?

Again, this is another example of the need for us, the electorate, to hold our politicians feet to the fire and make them prove their assertions and comments.  The facts behind Biden’s little speech makes the speech itself comical and definitely doesn’t make him look too smart.  The results of, so far, of this program, show again that the government is not in the business of creating jobs, nor is it capable of properly managing these programs.  The private sector has it’s problems too but I’m sure they can do a much better job.

Oh the wonders of the spin, and how so many are so gullible to it.

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Did the Democrats Actually Have the Keys to the Car?

Who Really “Drove the Car Into the Ditch”

Lately, we’ve heard a lot of talk about the Republicans having driven the economic car into the ditch and that they can’t have the keys back.  But if you are any kind of a self-thinker, you know that nothing, politically, happens over night and that there is enough blame to go around for both parties that actually eliminates the rhetoric of political finger pointing.

The article linked below makes a good point that the actual drivers of the economic car, from 2006 on, were not the Republicans, but the Democrats.  Now, I have to admit that I haven’t researched the numbers and I won’t state that the numbers are correct, but given the leadership of Congress in the last 4 years, is it not logical that the initial blame should go to the Democrats?  If the numbers are correct, and you and I should do our homework to make sure, then the Republicans were on the road to, if nothing else, reducing our deficit and getting back to some kind of normality in the fiscal sense.  And this was with tax breaks in place.

Yes, there are many extreme right and extreme left politicians that are making and generating the larger part of the news, but if we take a serious look and what Congress has done in the last 4 years, who was leading?  Who was “driving the car”.  I would say it’s time to take back the keys from the Democrats.  I’d be cautious of giving the keys to any extreme right Republicans, but from the numbers shown, the Republicans as a group seem to have been driving better.


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Why Are We Drilling in Deep Water?

We have access to more oil than OPEC.  So why don’t we get to it?  And no crying about the environment.  Get real and seriously think about what is happening now in the Gulf and how much easier it would be to clean up if it had happened on land or in shallow water.

The article below brings out the fact that we have reserves, (under ground and shallow off-shore), that would keep us running for 300 years, yet the radical environmentalists and “progressive” liberals are all so worried about damage to the environment.  Well, what do you think is happening now in the Gulf?  If this drilling had been done in the shallower shelf area, it could have been fixed much sooner that what is going on now.  And if we were to drill in the AWNR, and something like this happened, imagine how much faster the capping efforts would have been!

It is so comical to listen to the bleeding hearts cry about our dependency on OPEC, the damage done by Deep Horizon, yet the solution to both is sitting right underneath us or very close to shore.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe we need to decrease our dependency on oil and use more nuclear, wind, and cell technology, but until that time comes, why oh why must we be so blind to what we have available right in our own backyard?


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Bipartisanship-A Balanced Look

I just read an opinion (link below) written by a Democratic Senator that speaks to the present political situation of ousting incumbents because they did not vote or act along strict party lines.  I find the opinion interesting because, at it’s core, is the same thought process that I would like to think I follow.  I do not hold to any particular party line, but find the article a very small breath of fresh air.

If we look closely at ourselves, I believe all of us would find that we are tired not so much of the politicians themselves but the constant straight party line voting and partisanship we see in our politicians.  This is from the President on down to our state and local politicians.  If each of our politicians would actually work for us, regardless of the party line thinking, I would think that we, as an electorate, would be far more accepting of what comes out of Washington.

Sen. Ron Wyden, the Democrat mentioned above, makes the statement that legislating now has become a scoreboard activity instead of being something that is done for the good of the people.  You can see and hear this in the Presidents tone when he speaks of getting something passed, in the Republicans saying they stopped this or that bill.  One of the statements Sen. Wyden makes hit’s at the core of what I believe our politicians should be doing.

“(B)ut one thing Bob and I have in common is our fundamental belief that we were elected to do more than just get reelected, that once elections are over we have a duty to try to govern even if it means working with people with whom we don’t always agree.”

Take the statement above and think about it for a minute.  Doesn’t business work along this thought process?  Don’t we as families, work and live together with this thought in mind?  Tell me a time in our personal lives that we have not achieved a goal by working with those that we don’t always agree with.

If only our politicians would remember this small easy thing.  Think of how much smoother government, and governing, would be.  I know that the political parties are too far down the road of partisanship to ever change, but I will say I’m glad that there is at least one sane mind in the legislative branch.  I only hope that he continues to think this way and that maybe, just maybe, one or two others will follow suit.


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