Democrats-Liberals Acting Like Little Children

Let’s forget about any particular political wrangling’s going on in D.C. and think about this one thought: Every place, every election since November, everywhere that the Left (progressives) have lost seats or positions, the first thing they do is cry foul. The stupid, brainless people that follow them like sheep are not better.

Now, a watchdog group as well as 6 voters are calling for the Georgia special election to be invalidated because the Russians might have meddled with the voting machines. Really people? What is this fixation with the Russians. And when will you Democrats and Progressives quit acting like a bunch of little children, throwing a tissy fit when you don’t get your way.

I am so sick of all politicians, especially Democrats, but I think I am more sick of the stupid people that follow them like lemmings. Brainless zombies. When will the zombies realize that Democrats/Liberals only like you when you vote for them? Once in office, you are nothing more than offal to them.

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