Obama’s Second Term Agenda

Oh boy, here we go again with the scare tactic of global warming to put extreme restrictions on coal fired plants and threaten the Keystone pipeline.  What’s worse is that this administration, as well as congress (notice the lower case), don’t care what the public thinks is important (check the Pew Research priority numbers), they are just going to go ahead with whatever makes them happy and keeps us cowering in fear.


Global Warming?  Hmm…explain how even with a 33% increase in global CO2 emissions between 2001 and 2010 (no increase in the US during that time) that the surface temp during the above time period has only increased .2 to .3 C.  The global warming dog just don’t hunt folks.  If was a true global warming emergency, common sense alone, not counting the facts in front of your eyes, would dictate extreme increases in temperatures.



All of this should indicate to anyone capable of carrying a single thought through to its logical conclusion that those in Washington D.C., from the White House on down, have absolutely no desire to take care of business as needed.  They want to drastically and permanently change the nature of this country in their own image and in the process continue to scare those without thinking abilities that the world is coming to and end through global warming, thereby keeping themselves in power.

Wake up America!!!!!

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