Racism Is The Basis for Obamacare Opposition

A Louisiana Senator (see link below) has finally come up with the main reason people are opposed to Obamacare.  According to her it’s all about race.  When are people going to get it that the dislike of Obamacare, from Unions on down, is that 1) we were not told the truth about the actual bottom line cost, 2) actually keeping your present insurance is going to be problematic at best and, 3) the majority of us don’t want government run health care.  Just look at what the ACA did as far as diagnostic codes, from 18,000 to 140,000:


Seems to me that those that want to use the race card have no ability to think a process through to its end.  Every liberal that cow-tows to this President brings in the race card anytime anybody (Conservatives) opposes anything he does.  This usually means the Conservative is winning the argument and the Liberal has no more ground to stand on.

As stated in the link below, and has been stated many times, this idea of government health care has been around awhile and a different, and same, versions has been proposed in the past by Republicans and Libertarians. Would Senator Peterson have been so quick to support it if a white politician proposed it?  It’s doubtful.  She mentions that discussion on Obamacare should be about subject matter.  Well, duh, what do you think most intelligent people have been doing?  This is just another example of how liberals speak out of both sides of their mouths and are truly double-minded.  See the link below to hear Sen. Peterson’s own words.



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