Gun Control Fallacy

The present occupant of the White House and his administration have taken it upon themselves to attempt the creation of a safe society.  They have given us platitudes.  They have given us Executive Actions that make those that are gullible enough warm and fuzzy.  What they haven’t done is think.  They have allowed their knees to dictate actions, not honest and sincere thought processes.  They also haven’t done research as to what gun controls will produce.

Sandy Hook was truly a horrific event.  I can’t begin to imagine the heartbreak of the parents let alone the general public.  But to use the event as an agenda pusher; use children as pawns in pushing this gun control agenda; is sick by any definition. Gun controls; punishing law abiding citizens for owning any type of weapon; is going to do nothing to stop hard-core criminals and the mentally unstable from killing people.

In the wake of all the talk about assault weapons, the FBI’s own statistics seem to have been ignored.  Assault weapons are such a small percentage of violent crimes its almost not worth mentioning  This same report breaks down many other factors on crime and it might be worth your time and effort to read the report.  There is nothing there that supports the mass hysteria that is now permeating society.  This hysteria is being fed fuel from knuckleheaded, featherbrained politicians as well as the MSM.

Now, as far as having the CDC do research on violent crimes and the relationship to guns, that’s old news.  In 1978, then President Jimmy Carter gave a grant to James Wright and others to do research on gun control laws and its effectiveness in curbing violent crimes.  The resulting study came to the general conclusion that to think controls will reduce the type of crime such as Sandy Hook was sophistic at best.  There have been other studies as well that in general, support this thought.  The underlying premise in all of these studies is that the more you restrict law-abiding citizens ownership of guns, the more guns the criminals will have.

Finally, the 2nd Amendment.  Knee-jerking liberals and others like them will constantly use the statement that “…why do you need an AR-15 to hunt deer?”  That statement itself is sophistic and shows that the speaker knows absolutely nothing about the 2nd Amendment.  The 2nd Amendment was written to allow citizens to protect themselves from tyrants, both foreign and domestic.  In other words, to protect ourselves from a government that wants to take our rights away and has a military or others, with great firepower, to do so.  The American Revolution actually started because British soldiers were attempting to disarm the citizens, thus the 2nd Amendment.

Dont’ let the politicians do your thinking.  Think for yourself.  Research information on how gun controls only hurt the law-abiding citizen.  Then tell Washington to take their gun controls and put them in a dark place and start doing rational thinking that will produce something that resembles intelligent results. 


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