White House Chief of Staff Makes “Misleading” Statement

See the link below.  This is just another example of the nonsense that comes out of the White House; and liberals as well.


Wow…and this guy is the COS for Obama?  Even the Washington Post threw the BS flag on this one!  How many others working for POTUS are as uninformed about how government works?  Is Jack Lew really that stupid or is he just a plain old liar?  If a liar, how many other lies have come out of the White House?  If he’s just plain stupid about how things work, how many others are?  You know what the big problem is?  There are enough people out there that will fall down on their knees and worship these words as gospel…and we allow these sheep and lemmings to put these kinds of people in office.  And then we get a mealy-mouthed explanation from a White House official;  “The Chief of Staff was clearly referencing the general gridlock in Congress that makes accomplishing even the most basic tasks nearly impossible given the Senate Republicans’ insistence on blocking an up or down vote on nearly every issue.”  If you are going to reference something, then do so, don’t make up something to make you, your party, or the President look good to those non-thinking, non-questioning people that vote you.

This is what angers me, sometimes as much from the right as it is from the left, that these people open their mouths and spew out words, never stopping to think about the truth of what they say.  Truth no longer counts, only winning; at any cost.  And in this case, if the Republicans did block this budget, I’d be more than happy!  $4 trillion more to the debt?  And we are supposed to roll over and say amen?  You bet it should be blocked; and anyone that says it is a good thing to add another $4 trillion to the debt should take serious stock in their thought process…or move to Greece.

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