Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Constitution

An article came across my email today and the headline jumped out at me,”Supreme Court Justice: U.S. Constitution Inferior“.  Now, needless to say, this caught my attention so I followed the link and read the article.  It seemed to be one sided so I decided to do a search on this topic and found two more articles that approached this in different ways.  If you take the time to read the above link, you’ll see it’s from a viewpoint that is very “right”.  The next two links could be considered “left” and “center”.

Once I had read all three, I remembered my earlier post about an informed citizenry and that making sure we get the complete picture, at least as complete as possible, is very important in decision making.  These three articles are a prime example of how the information we recieve is so broken down into attention grabbing “sound bites”, that get an immediate reaction from us, that we forget to do our “due diligence” in researching.

Please, those that occasionaly stop by and read my musings; do your research before allowing your emotions to make decisions for you that you may regret soon after.  Become an informed citizenry.

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