How To Grow the Economy

Below is a post from a friend of mine, John Gessner in Couer d’Alene, ID.  He hits the economy nail square on the head.  The math is so simple it’s ridiculous.  Maybe, just maybe, a liberal or two will see the light.  This goes for conservatives also that like to think the rich are bad.  Thanks John…I appreciate your candor.

“There are three ways to balance a budget:

 1. Spend less + tax less

2. Tax more – spend more

3. Grow the economy.


#1:  Leaves the money in the economy and leaves it up to businesses and consumers.

#2:  Takes money out of the economy and puts it back in targeted projects.

#3:  Results from one of the above.

I’m pretty sure you would choose #2 (a perfectly good choice for an espoused liberal). I don’t believe that works very well (if at all) because it’s like giving a man a fish – tomorrow he’ll be hungry. You have to keep pumping the money into projects year after year AND the party in power uses money collected from EVERYBODY to pursue their own pet projects (the Dems funnel money to the unions and social programs – the Republicans funnel money to the military)

I believe leaving the money in the economy is the best route, #1 – let the greedy people make more  millions by hiring as many workers as they need (rich people didn’t get rich on their own – one person doesn’t often make  millions w/o minions). When the economy picks up, worker bees will have more choices and will be able to change jobs if they don’t like the job they have or aren’t getting paid enough.

Rich people buy things like boats, houses, football teams, $10,000 shower curtains, etc. all of that creates jobs.

Rich people put money in banks – banks loan money (if the economy doesn’t suck) to poorer people to buy homes, buy cars, start businesses (so that they, with luck and/or skill, can become rich people).

Rich people invest in stock in existing and startup companies that employ people.

Rich people donate huge amounts of money to their pet causes (colleges, hospitals, etc.)

Teach a man how to be a rich person and he’ll eat well for the rest of his life!

I, personally, hope, one day to be a rich person, with thousands of employees that buy houses, cars, boats, burgers, etc.  Employees that save their money for college for their kids and to start their own businesses, quit the jobs I gave them, and go on to be rich people in their own rights.

Just sayin’

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