“Can We All Get Along”

Leonard Pitts, Jr., in his Miami Herald Sunday op-ed, commented on Sen. Udall’s suggestion that, for the State of The Union address, our elected officials dispense with seating by party line and instead, use mix seating.  I had read this suggestion earlier but Leonard brings out some good points about how the poison of rhetoric comes from both sides of the aisle, (at least on the surface I read it that way).

I am in full agreement with Sen. Udall  in this matter.  Though it would be seen as symbolic, I would like to think that doing so would make a few elected officials realize that it’s time to stop the bickering, finger pointing, and blaming of others.  Recognizing the need to stop would possibly bring that small modicum of civility back to polical discussions.

Now, do not think me simplistic for thinking like this because I am not.  But I do believe in the ability of the human nature to change those things that are not good.  That doesn’t mean that I am going to change my political thinking or that I expect others to change.  What I do expect is for our elected officials to remember that, as Leonard Pitts states, they were elected to lead us, not get re-elected. I also expect everyone to remember that discourse does not have to be poisonous to be effective.

It will be interesting to see if even a few Senators and Representatives choose to mix seat, and what the reaction of the press will be. If it does happen, look for the press to make something more out it than what it really is; an attempt to bring civility back to our government.

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