The Health Care Bill and its Actual Costs

By now, with all that’s been said about the Health Care bill that was forced upon us, everyone knows that surveys show it’s not appreciated, liked or wanted by most of America. 

Now, we are seeing more articles about the actual cost to us this “wonderful” bill has produced.  Don’t get me wrong, I held no ideas that this bill wouldn’t cost us more.  That’s a given when you understand that nothing in this life is free.  But what galls me is when our politicians talk out of both sides of their mouths.  During the debate and then the passage of this bill, the Democrats kept telling us that this is going to lower costs in the long run and that more people will be covered, especially those with no insurance.  Then, as one link below shows, the President himself says just the opposite.  This is just another example of how this administration thinks so highly of itself and so lowly of the electorate that they continually feed us this nonsense.

Well, attached here are a number of links that show some different aspects of the additional costs to us this piece of legislation will produce.  Read carefully the article from an actuary with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services.  This is scary when our leaders tell us one thing then a department within the government, tells us just the opposite. 

 One article by Janet Adamy of the Wall Street Journal, talks about how insurers are going to raise rates based on an assumption, in many cases, of eventual cost increases from the bill.  It is a good article because it shows to some degree both sides.  Yes, insurance companies have always found ways to raise rates and this bill is not going to stop it.  Again though, it’s the promises made that were never meant to be kept, and could never be kept anyway.  Why can’t our politicians speak truth, or not speak at all. 

I know, that’s a pipe dream but why must they always think we are so stupid to not see through the sham?  And you wonder why the public is so mad?  Duh!!!

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