Are The ‘Rich’ Really Not Paying Their Fair Share of Taxes?

Lately, and quite frequently we have been told by Obama and those who think they know better, that the rich need to start paying their fair share of taxes.  This has been one of the main themes in the political discussion of how to treat the impending expiration of Bush tax cuts.  Well, I think our progressive thinkers in Washington have been reading out of the wrong playbook and better get their act together.  According to the article, in the link here, the top 10% of income earners paid over 70% of the federal income tax that was collected in 2007.  The bottom 50% of income earners only 2% + of the federal income tax.  So, explain to me how our present government can make claims that the ‘rich’ don’t pay enough?

When will our leaders understand that when you raise taxes on the upper income earners, you kill investments in new business by these same people.  It is the upper income earners that help support the small businesses that employ most of the people.  In this article, it is very important that you read at least the segment called “President Obama’s Falacy”.

The Democrats like to blame the Republicans of fear mongering and racism.  What Obama and his cronies are doing is nothing less than creating fear and a racism of sorts…class racism.  And to add to the problem, there are plenty of people that either don’t want to, or don’t have the capacity to think for themselves and do the research to find out the truth.  They would rather be told what to think and just mouth what others say.  It’s a said statement about the electorate.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a conservative.  Not Republican, but a conservative, and seeing what this administration is doing to us is so disappointing to me.  We all have to stop believing what they are telling us for face value and call them out on their misrepresentations and disinformation, and we have to do it now.

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