And the Spin Goes On!

It’s almost comical that our politicians keep spinning things to make themselves look good.  This link shows that our elected officials have a habit of saying things that don’t have any real base.  It’s statements like this, from our highest elected officials, that makes a person wonder “just how stupid do they think we are”?

Again, this is another example of the need for us, the electorate, to hold our politicians feet to the fire and make them prove their assertions and comments.  The facts behind Biden’s little speech makes the speech itself comical and definitely doesn’t make him look too smart.  The results of, so far, of this program, show again that the government is not in the business of creating jobs, nor is it capable of properly managing these programs.  The private sector has it’s problems too but I’m sure they can do a much better job.

Oh the wonders of the spin, and how so many are so gullible to it.

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