Did the Democrats Actually Have the Keys to the Car?

Who Really “Drove the Car Into the Ditch”

Lately, we’ve heard a lot of talk about the Republicans having driven the economic car into the ditch and that they can’t have the keys back.  But if you are any kind of a self-thinker, you know that nothing, politically, happens over night and that there is enough blame to go around for both parties that actually eliminates the rhetoric of political finger pointing.

The article linked below makes a good point that the actual drivers of the economic car, from 2006 on, were not the Republicans, but the Democrats.  Now, I have to admit that I haven’t researched the numbers and I won’t state that the numbers are correct, but given the leadership of Congress in the last 4 years, is it not logical that the initial blame should go to the Democrats?  If the numbers are correct, and you and I should do our homework to make sure, then the Republicans were on the road to, if nothing else, reducing our deficit and getting back to some kind of normality in the fiscal sense.  And this was with tax breaks in place.

Yes, there are many extreme right and extreme left politicians that are making and generating the larger part of the news, but if we take a serious look and what Congress has done in the last 4 years, who was leading?  Who was “driving the car”.  I would say it’s time to take back the keys from the Democrats.  I’d be cautious of giving the keys to any extreme right Republicans, but from the numbers shown, the Republicans as a group seem to have been driving better.


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