Why Are We Drilling in Deep Water?

We have access to more oil than OPEC.  So why don’t we get to it?  And no crying about the environment.  Get real and seriously think about what is happening now in the Gulf and how much easier it would be to clean up if it had happened on land or in shallow water.

The article below brings out the fact that we have reserves, (under ground and shallow off-shore), that would keep us running for 300 years, yet the radical environmentalists and “progressive” liberals are all so worried about damage to the environment.  Well, what do you think is happening now in the Gulf?  If this drilling had been done in the shallower shelf area, it could have been fixed much sooner that what is going on now.  And if we were to drill in the AWNR, and something like this happened, imagine how much faster the capping efforts would have been!

It is so comical to listen to the bleeding hearts cry about our dependency on OPEC, the damage done by Deep Horizon, yet the solution to both is sitting right underneath us or very close to shore.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe we need to decrease our dependency on oil and use more nuclear, wind, and cell technology, but until that time comes, why oh why must we be so blind to what we have available right in our own backyard?


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