Bipartisanship-A Balanced Look

I just read an opinion (link below) written by a Democratic Senator that speaks to the present political situation of ousting incumbents because they did not vote or act along strict party lines.  I find the opinion interesting because, at it’s core, is the same thought process that I would like to think I follow.  I do not hold to any particular party line, but find the article a very small breath of fresh air.

If we look closely at ourselves, I believe all of us would find that we are tired not so much of the politicians themselves but the constant straight party line voting and partisanship we see in our politicians.  This is from the President on down to our state and local politicians.  If each of our politicians would actually work for us, regardless of the party line thinking, I would think that we, as an electorate, would be far more accepting of what comes out of Washington.

Sen. Ron Wyden, the Democrat mentioned above, makes the statement that legislating now has become a scoreboard activity instead of being something that is done for the good of the people.  You can see and hear this in the Presidents tone when he speaks of getting something passed, in the Republicans saying they stopped this or that bill.  One of the statements Sen. Wyden makes hit’s at the core of what I believe our politicians should be doing.

“(B)ut one thing Bob and I have in common is our fundamental belief that we were elected to do more than just get reelected, that once elections are over we have a duty to try to govern even if it means working with people with whom we don’t always agree.”

Take the statement above and think about it for a minute.  Doesn’t business work along this thought process?  Don’t we as families, work and live together with this thought in mind?  Tell me a time in our personal lives that we have not achieved a goal by working with those that we don’t always agree with.

If only our politicians would remember this small easy thing.  Think of how much smoother government, and governing, would be.  I know that the political parties are too far down the road of partisanship to ever change, but I will say I’m glad that there is at least one sane mind in the legislative branch.  I only hope that he continues to think this way and that maybe, just maybe, one or two others will follow suit.

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